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Paypal bank account confirmation issue : two digits only

Confirming your bank account with Paypal can be a little bit disappointing sometimes. My last bad experience was about the amounts sent on my account that are supposed to be used through the confirmation process.

If Paypal sent you 0.06$ you have to enter 06 only. The text field used in their confirmation form is a two digits only and they don’t explain that. So don’t waste your time trying to enter 0.06, just use the last two digits (06 in this case) and you’re good to go.

Socialmonkee backlinks review

Hi, just a quick note as I don’t update this site anymore, at least the little I write could maybe help someone. I’ve tried the backlink service. Basically you buy (via paypal) links to your site, in order to increase you Google ranking. Obviously it’s all bullshit, the links you get are from very very low quality websites. It all looks like black seo methods there, with article spinning and so on so forth. Don’t waste your time, don’t buy anything from them, it’s a total waste of money, you’ll probably decrease your site in the rankings than anything else.