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Disqus now forces Ads in its free version

That has to come one day. The famous commenting system that many WordPress administrators love has just announced that advertising will now come by default in its free version. If you want to remove theses ads, you’ll just have to pay 10$/month. A very fair way to thank its users who contribute to make the system famous.

Here’s the announcement :

Hi there,

We recently announced our plans for the new year including releasing new versions of Disqus with professional features. Disqus will always offer a free-to-use version that is supported by advertising. We are reaching out to you because you previously opted out of running advertising from Disqus.

Starting February 8, publishers running the free-to-use version of Disqus will be supported by advertising. Advertising will continue to be configurable for your site. We know that advertising is not the right fit for all publishers and that is why we are excited to offer publishers the option to pay a monthly subscription of $10 to remove advertising altogether.

We’d like to hear from you. If you are interested in the upgraded version of Disqus, please click below and we will reach out to you.