Design in photoshop for an iphone in real size

I always found very difficult to design mockups for iphone while you are on photoshop, because of proportions reasons. Even if a 640x960px document in photoshop is large enough to work on every details, it’s always quite a surprise to see the same document opened on an iphone (using jpg exportation and the native image viewer of the iphone) : font size can look very small, global proportions can look wrong, … Continue reading

Widgets issues with WordPress 3.5

I’ve just spent 2 hours trying to figure out why I couldn’t move my widgets in the admin panel (presentation / widgets) since the upgrade of wordpress 3.5. Apparently the new version of jquery (1.8.3) causes problems with some jquery related plugins.

As usual it’s always advised to desactive all your plugin and to reactivate them one by one, till the moment you see which one was involved in the issue. In my case it was the plugin called “recent post enhanced”. So for those who have it installed and facing the same issues (impossible to drag and drop widgets), just desactive it.

Hope it will help someone around.

Happy blogging.

Socialmonkee backlinks review

Hi, just a quick note as I don’t update this site anymore, at least the little I write could maybe help someone. I’ve tried the backlink service. Basically you buy (via paypal) links to your site, in order to increase you Google ranking. Obviously it’s all bullshit, the links you get are from very very low quality websites. It all looks like black seo methods there, with article spinning and so on so forth. Don’t waste your time, don’t buy anything from them, it’s a total waste of money, you’ll probably decrease your site in the rankings than anything else.

Short stories of a wordpress user

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