LG 29EA73 2560×1080 on Macbook Pro

Beautiful screen but a bit tricky to exploit correctly on your mac.
Beautiful screen but a bit tricky to use it correctly on your mac.

If anyone is wondering how to get a full resolution (2560x1080px) from the LG 29EA73 on a Macbook Pro 15″ without spending a hundred bucks on the Apple Store, here’s a solution.

No need to buy from Apple a Mini DisplayPort/Dual-Link DVI that costs around 99 euros, just get a DVI to Mini DVI cable for 20 euros and it will do the job perfectly. Using a HDMI cable is apparently not enough for your mac to display a 2560×1080 resolution. Only DVI link can do that.

Hope it helps.

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  1. Dueltek Distribution Presented: These kind of very flexible thin VGA HD15 leads with tiny space keeping connectors are perfect for quick run products approximately 7.5 Metres.

    They provide the similar efficiency & resolution as the dense type, but have higher efficiency due to the thin & comfortable style.

  2. This is the message that I saw when I turned on the monitor. The max and recommended resolution for this monitor is 2560 1080, but with this connection mention it can only display 1920 x 1080 stretched.

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