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Hi, just a quick note as I don’t update this site anymore, at least the little I write could maybe help someone. I’ve tried the backlink service. Basically you buy (via paypal) links to your site, in order to increase you Google ranking. Obviously it’s all bullshit, the links you get are from very very low quality websites. It all looks like black seo methods there, with article spinning and so on so forth. Don’t waste your time, don’t buy anything from them, it’s a total waste of money, you’ll probably decrease your site in the rankings than anything else.

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  1. Hello everyone, Socialmonkee looks like a great option to my linkbuilding services (I am offering linkbuilding services on fiverr), they say I can get 25 backlinks per day, but there is some questions that I need to know before buying…

    1) They say that this is “lifetime” license, so you don’t have to rebill in future. Is this true ?
    2) What quality of backlinks is this ? Does socialmonkee offer quality backlinks or some crappy backlinks ?
    3) Any personal experience with socialmonkee ?

    Thanks for great answers 🙂 Anna

  2. Honnestly, if I were you I wouldn’t give them a penny. It’s always the same story with SEO, we believe in people who says there’s a trick to be well ranked, it’s just a question of money and find the good service. But it’s totally what Google tries to fight. To rank well your site there is only one receipe : be good at what you’re doing. If people like what you write or give or provide, then they will link to you, they will talk about you. My opinion on spending money for an online business is to put everything on content quality, that’s all. If you’re good, you’ll be known as good.

  3. Yikes. Love that you name-and-shame and both comments on here are pimping the exact type of service that you’re saying is bullshit.

    Fuck WordPress Spam mate, really, fuck it in the datehole.

  4. Social monkey does nothing to help your site. they own a ton of zero PR sites, and they just list your site, which can be very bad for you in google’s eyes

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